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Kimberli is a phenomenal leader that pursues her work and life interests with passion. Her mentorship is inspiring and educational as she is transparent and helps show the ins and outs of succeeding in business. A truly priceless experience to have the pleasure to work with such an inspiration and passionate mentor. Silvia, 27, Project and Finance Manager, USA
Kimberli helped me secure an entry-level position abroad and upon returning to the States, coached me in my job search. In no time, I was offered the communications job I have now with a multi-billion dollar solar company. Her modern, effective mentoring style and creative out-of-the-box thinking helped me demand attention by potential employers. Kimberli’s experience as a successful businesswoman shines through and permeates her being. The confidence she brought to surface has driven me to achieve both personal and professional goals as well as view all challenges as opportunities for growth and success. Amy, 29, Corporate Communications, USA
Being promoted to the Board of Directors was a big step for me. I was not sure how I was going to handle it. Coaching and mentoring with Kimberli helped me discover my potential. - Misha, 42, International Board Member, Czech Republic
As an entrepreneur and small business owner I find myself going over and over the same questions in my head. Kimberli has helped me bring structure to my thoughts and was the discussion partner I needed in order to make decisions. - Marcella, 52, Business Owner, France
Kimberli is a unique combination of business woman, coach and mentor. She has helped me better understand my position, my team and has helped me become a better manager. . - Christa, 32, International Finance Director, Germany