The world has changed.

Globalization and technology have changed the way we do business, consequently shifting the core leaderships skills and values that are needed today. Leaders today must not only focus on the immediate operative needs of a business but need to pay attention to the global and diverse organizations they lead in order drive long-term success. Being able to engage employees regardless of gender, cultural, generational or ethnical background is a must, and Kimberli J. Lewis is passionate about is making sure todays leaders understand this.

Kimberli J. Lewis has over 20 years’ C level management experience across multiple industries and has lived in or worked in over 18 countries. She has 25 years’ cross-cultural executive management experience in Europe, Russia, USA, and the Middle East. Kimberli has over 29 International awards in marketing and leadership in her pocket, along with degrees from Webster, George Washington University and Harvard. She is a certified executive and systemic team coach. Kimberli specializes in cross cultural leadership training, diversity implementation and leadership training for women. She supports the EU’s initiative Gender Diversity initiative 2020 and provides training and consulting for several international companies.

Kimberli is the author of “Ponytale Talk, It’s All About You! Winning career strategies for Women” (available on Amazon). She currently serves as General Manager and Board member of the Search and Information Industry Association, Switzerland.

Kimberli is an American national, the owner of the international company Global Business Therapy s.r.o. and partner of the Academy of Executive Coaching London.

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