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Now more than ever, organizations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty. Case studies have proven that high performing teams have a greater impact on results and that team coaching helps create high performing teams.

Our 3-day certification program is for experienced coaches, leaders, managers, and organizational consultants, who want to help raise the bar in team performance. The time is ripe in organizational development to differentiate team coaching from other forms of team or group development and to extend the definition and body of theory and practice of team coaching.

This 3-day International Systemic Team Coaching course is for executive coaches, organizational consultants, leaders, managers, human resource professionals, and anyone seeking to develop a team coaching perspective of teams.

Why become certified in systemic team coaching?

Systemic team coaching is the next big step in helping companies lift their team performance. But what is team coaching and how is it different from coaching individual team members, team facilitation, team building, team development or action learning sets can only be explained in our 3-day program.

From the coaching/consulting point of view, a key component of our approach is seeing the team as the client and viewing individual members – including the leader, as a subset of that client system. This makes contracting for confidentiality an interesting, delicate, and controversial subject.

From the leadership and management perspective, we place a lot of emphasis on stakeholder engagement, internally and externally as well as paying attention to the wider environmental context – the systemic context that effects team performance.


  • Provide rich didactic context in which we discuss and debate different aspect of teamwork and team coaching
  • Use business role-plays and simulations to evoke the experiences of working in/as a team
  • Facilitate exploration about the nature of leadership and followership both individual and collective through movement exercises
  • Take you through an experience of sculpting and constellations
  • Be in a peer supervision group exploring a team you are working in/with using each of the Hawkins 5 Disciplines
  • Work with our own large group process as a way of engaging live with the interpersonal dynamics and psychological models

Goals and delivery:

  • Learn about the inherently complex nature of team coaching in a systemic context
  • Adopt a working definition of teams and team coaching that you can test and utilize
  • Review groups vs. teams’ distinctions and how team coaching differs from other forms of teamwork
  • Learn the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching 1) Commissioning, 2) Clarifying, 3) Co-Creating, 4) Communicating, 5) Core learning
  • Identify specific competencies to practice as a competent team coach who relate to each of the 5 Disciplines
  • Study the implications of the coaching contract especially confidentially where the group is the boundary not the individual
  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilizing

Methods used:

  • Lecture
  • Role-play
  • Discussion

Who should attend?

This workshop is for coaches, consultants and managers. Perquisite for those without coaching and consulting backgrounds is, you must have worked in a management position, project manager position, team leader position, human resources positon or executive position. The program is complex and requires a minimum experience in the above areas.


Course details:
Duration: 3 days

Location & Date:


Class minimum is 10 persons
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