This workshop is designed to review the basic management functions: planning, organizing, delivering and communicating. We will cover the dynamics of managing up and down, while building trust in both directions. We will review what accountability means and how to understand the expectations of others including one’s superiors, one’s subordinates as well as one’s colleagues.



In this workshop, we will review the essential qualities one needs to adapt a management mindset. We explore what that means when dealing with subordinates, superiors as well as friends and former colleagues. We will review a structured approach to planning and work and how to implement SMART goals. We will review delegation techniques, basic decision making skills and how to apply methods that help set priorities.


Goals & Delivery

  • Understand one’s responsibilities
  • Understand the accountability of one’s position
  • Learn how to establish credibility and effective work styles
  • Understand the basic management concepts of coaching, communication, motivation, delegation, and performance management
  • Understand how to become an effective member of the management team
  • Understand the need to communicate with clarity
  • Identify the eight roles played in a management position
  • Understand how to determine accountability
  • A review the basics of delegation and decision making
  • Understand how to develop one’s leadership skills with actionable tips and tools


Methods used

  • Lecture
  • Role-play
  • Practice
Course details:
Duration: 1 day

Location & Date:


Class minimum is 10 persons
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