We can provide you with the kind of business and leadership training that will bring an impact to your organization and your employees. Our seminars and trainings deal with the subjects and skills that are needed to be successful in today’s market. Our coaching and mentoring programs focus on the individual and their contribution to the organization. We ensure that diversity is addressed in all our programs. Many companies today insist that their managers receive mentoring/coaching when they are promoted, have stretch assignments, or face new challenges. We help companies set up mentoring/coaching programs and we train their employees how to be effectively part of them. We know that business training, leadership training, and mentoring/executive coaching results in new contributions and performance improvements and provides better organizational alignment. Onboard business and leadership training for career starters Many of us cannot remember our first day of school, but we do remember our first job. We also all remember the excitement we felt in our first job, but also the frustrations. Getting it right in your first job is the key to your future success, but how do you do that? We can give individuals a jump-start at getting it right. We can help them understand the “rules” of the workplace, help them find a way to cope with difficult bosses or colleagues, understand how to get noticed and when not to be noticed. We help new employees
  • Think in business terms
  • Understand the steps to success
  • Understand business rules
  • Understand business behavior and etiquette
  • Develop good communication skills
  • Learn how to promote yourself
  • Learn how to deal with colleagues and bosses
  • Learn how to make efficient use of your time
  • Learn how to set priorities