Why should companies invest in coaching and mentoring?

Companies are only as good as their organizations and the people who work in them. Powerful companies invest in human capital through business and leadership training as well as executive coaching and mentoring. Investing in your employee’s development is a way to retain and promote talent, lower management turnover, and show commitment to your employees. It also brings a good return on investment to your shareholders and can help your company to have a better market impact.

Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals

In today’s performance-driven workplace, if one wants to move ahead or improve what they are doing, investing in a personal coach is the best way to do it. An executive coach will help you improve your performance by helping you better understand yourself in the context of company and your surroundings. An experienced coach helps you think more strategically, understand the dynamics of business work and help you improve your performance.

Why is Coaching and Mentoring for Women so important?

No matter which laws are in place or which success stories we read in women’s magazines, statistics show women are still at a distinct disadvantage. Very few have high-ranking positions, and very few are offered the opportunity to make a difference in their organizations. This is why coaching, mentoring and leadership training for women in business at all levels within the organization is our mission. We help women break the glass ceiling, cope with the corporate world once they have broken the glass ceiling or simply learn how to contribute, be recognized and make a difference. We place great value on not only providing individuals and companies with trainers and coaches who extensive training, coaching and development experience but also with business experience. We are your partners and we can relate to your experiences and help you:
  • Understand how to be a great leader
  • Understand your own management style
  • Understand the difference between loyalty, respect and friendship in the work environment
  • Improve team management and participation skills
  • Understand the dynamics in the workplace
  • Deal with gender issues in the workplace
  • Learn to clarify expectations and give feedback
  • Think in business terms
  • Understand the steps to success
  • Understand the numbers game
  • Understand business rules
  • Understand business behavior
  • Learn how to promote yourself
  • Learn how to be more effective as an employee, manager or executive
  • Learn more effective communication
  • Separate the person from the behavior
  • Discover the glass ceiling rules
  • Discover how to deal with difficult employees
  • Discover how to deal with mobbing and harassment
  • Learn to deal with re-integration after a long absence from work

Onboard coaching for career starters

Many of us cannot remember our first day of school, but we do remember our first job. We also all remember the excitement we felt in our first job, but also the frustrations. Getting it right in your first job is the key to your future success, but how do you do that? We can give you a jump-start at getting it right. We can help you understand the “rules” of the workplace, help you find the way to cope with difficult bosses or colleagues, help you understand how to get noticed and when not to be noticed. All our coaches are experienced business people who have mentored career starters along their paths to success, and we are here to help you get a jump-start and find your own way to success.
  • Think in business terms
  • Understand the steps to success
  • Understand business rules
  • Understand business behavior and etiquette
  • Develop good communication skills
  • Learn how to promote yourself
  • Learn how to deal with colleagues and bosses
  • Learn how to make efficient use of your time
  • Learn how to set priorities

Career counseling for women

Getting it right in your job is the key to your future success, but how do you do that? First, you have to understand what interests you, how much time you want to invest in your work and which career level you want to achieve. You need to understand if you want to work with or for someone or if you want to be your own boss. We are trained career coaches that can help you discover what you really want to do and help you find your own path to success.