Start-up Support

The most critical aspect of any start-up or new product launch is to understand your value proposition and lay down a marketing foundation based on it. Our goal in to help increase the number of women owned business on the market worldwide by supporting women who want to start businesses. We help make sure you do not miss any of the critical steps needed to be successful. We will help you better understand your opportunities and how to overcome the challenges while building a project plan to help you track your progress.

We support you with:

  • Business planning and go to market plans
  • Product and idea evaluations
  • Competitive market positioning
  • Revenue projections
  • Marketing
  • Client Management
  • Consulting on the support services (accounting, hiring, training)
  • Work Life-Balance as an entrepreneur

Turn-around support

If you have already started your business, then sometimes business does not go as planned, and when this happens, we will help you identify what has gone wrong and how to fix it. Our turn-around approach is based on looking at everything from a “new” perspective, just as you would in a start-up. The difference is that we help you to focus on “fixing the problem”, not building it completely new.

We support you with:

  • Marketing and Product Positioning
  • General Business Positioning
  • Organizational/Structural change
  • Process Efficiency
  • KPI Measurement
  • Resource Management Tools
  • Process Change Implementations
  • Sales Segmentation Models
  • Client Management
  • Personnel Evaluations
  • HR Improvements and Leadership Training
  • Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Coaching for female entrepreneurs

Being the owner and leader of your own company can be lonely. Belonging to associations and chambers can help you exchange ideas and have interaction with others, but how much can you share with those who may be your competitors? Our coaches have experience in business planning across most sectors, but more importantly, they are there for you. The coaches are mentors with whom you can share your personal and professional experience. They are not employees, not clients, not the competition, but are there to help you along your path to success.
  • Business Plan Feedback
  • Help you deal with employees in the small organization
  • Help you deal with customer interaction
  • Advise you on selling techniques
  • Help you be your own boss
  • Be in control, not controlled
  • Improve your effectiveness with others
  • Appreciate your own contribution and that of others
  • Deal with change
  • Separate the behavior from the person
  • Have more effective communication skills
  • Be successful in dealing with the small organization
  • Stay motivated as an entrepreneur
  • Manage difficult clients and employees
  • Work-Life Balance as an entrepreneur