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How to use Twitter to Boost Your Image & Your Business

Samantha Kelly

About the show:

How to use Twitter to Boost Your Image & Your Business

Episode Description

Years ago, if someone had told us that a social media site would be limited to 140 characters and still be successful, none of us would have believed them. But Twitter has accomplished this. With only 140 characters, they have made social media a contextual and personal experience. But why does work so well? Experts say it is because people can get a sense of who you are on Twitter or what your business is about. It reveals what type of things you are interested in; it will suggest things you are interested in. It essentially lies at the heart of this new sharing economy and it is a global. But it does not come without controversy, and Tweets become worldwide discussions. But it can also be great for your image or your business. In this episode, we talk about the advantages of Twitter, the pitfalls that you need to avoid and the advantages that come with Tweeting.

About the Guest:

Our guest on this show is Samantha (Sam) Kelly, who is also known as The Tweeting Goddess.
As a start-up, she started using Twitter as part of her marketing strategy and discovered to her delight that she was a bit of a whizz at it and decided to help others learn now to Tweet.
Sam won the #Tweetieinspire award on October 2nd at the Inaugural RaboTweetie awards and was winner of the Bank of Ireland Start Up Hero Award in 2014.
She most recently, she won the 2017 net visionary award from the Irish Internet association and 2017 digital marketing award from Wexford chamber.
Samantha has appeared on Dragons’ Den Ireland, the Irish version of Shark’s Tank. She has also started the womensinpirenetwork.com, a business sharing community for women.
Samantha is the author of “Tweet Your Way to Success”, a book on how to use Twitter for your business and yourself, available on Amazon.


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